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10.1 (2014 R1)

Free end cuts are created in the Structural Detailing task. Free end cuts handle profiles that are unbounded, or those that are bounded to a reference plane. If a profile has a free end, a free end cut object is created instead of an assembly connection.

The free end cut object creates the web and flange cuts. The regular web and flange cut rules are then run to choose a feature.

End cuts are smart occurrences, so the catalog database points to the two-dimensional symbol for the end cut as well as the Visual Basic rules.

Root Selector

FreeEndCutSel.cls defines one question.

The root selector logic creates a free end cut, which calls the existing web and flange cut rules.


This file contains subroutines that are called by the definition files. It runs conditionals to determine if features are necessary. It also constructs the web or flange cut object.

End Cut Rules

In the end cut rules, the web cut will make different decisions if the end cut is free.


The free end cut reference data is delivered by default to the SRDFreeEndCuts.xls file in the [Product Folder]\StructDetail\Data\BulkloadFiles folder. Each worksheet in this file creates a Smart Class. Each row creates a Smart Item.

A - Selector Rule

B - Definition Rules

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