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20.0 (2020)

Lists the saved camera views and animations.

The Views section lists the camera views (also referred to as frames) saved for the current model using the Save Camera Position command.

You can double-click on a view to return to it after moving the camera position.

If you created any annotations in the view, a Note Text section displays under the view listing the annotation settings that were used. You can edit the following fields in the Notes Text section:

  • Background Type

Sets the type of frame used to surround the annotation text.

  • Use Background Color

Inserts a white background for the annotation.

  • Background

Sets the background color of the annotation note box.

  • Line Weight

Sets the annotation box line weight.

  • Line Color

Sets the annotation box line color.

  • Text Font

Sets the font color, typeface, and size to use for text or label annotations.

  • Note Description

Type a description reason for the note annotation text.

  • User

Specifies the user who created the annotation. Type the user name box.

The Animations section lists each saved animation created using the current model. You can edit the following fields in the Animations section:

  • Animations and Views

Lists the captured camera position views and animations. You can double-click in the row to rename the view or animation.

  • Playback Speed Factor

Sets the frame rate for the animation playback. The playback speed values range from -5 (1/10th speed) to +5 (10x speed). A value of 0 (zero) plays normal speed.

  • Frame [0 - x]

Sets the time (in seconds) that a keyframe is generated. Click in a frame row to see the keyframe view within the animation. As you increase or decrease the time, the total animation time is automatically recalculated.

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