Record Model Motion to Create an Animation - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Design Review

20.0 (2020)

Starts recording model movement. Design Review creates a saved view that can be edited every second in the animation. Movement from any input is saved, so you can record orbit, walk, pan, or zoom movements.

  1. Determine the type of motion that you want to record.

  2. Select the model in the main window that you want to move.

  3. Click Record .

    The system automatically places the animation in the Saved views and animation tab in the Properties window.

    By default, animations are named animation [unique sequence number]. You can rename the animation at any time.

  4. Use commands in the Operator panel to move the model.

  5. Click Record again when you are ready to end the animation.

  6. Select the animation in the Properties window and click Play to playback the animation.

The interpolated or tweening points in between each frame created in the animation determine the speed and smoothness of the playback. You can also edit the animation by adding or removing frames. See Edit Animations.

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