Use the Control Pad - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Design Review

20.0 (2020)

The Control Pad provides the same navigation functions as those provided by the mouse.

Control Pad Keys

The Control Pad provides the following navigation controls in addition to the standard move forward/backward/left/right controls:

Turn left or right (Mouse control: press and hold the left mouse button, and move the mouse to the right and left).

Look up and down (Mouse control: scroll the mouse wheel forward or backward to change the camera angle to look up and down).

Move up and down (Mouse control: press and hold the middle mouse button or mouse wheel, and move the mouse forward or backward).

To use the direction keys, click and hold on the end of each arrow to move. The end of each arrow becomes highlighted or displayed in a lighter color to indicate that it is activated. The example graphic below shows the move left motion being used.

  1. Click Home > Operators > Walk .

    The system displays the Control Pad.

  2. You can move the Control Pad anywhere in the main window. You can close the Control Pad and use only the mouse for navigation; however, the Control Pad provides movement in a straight line.

    If you close the Control Pad while you are in Walk mode, press M on the keyboard to re-open it.