Insert Floating Text Annotations - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Design Review

20.0 (2020)

Inserts floating text.

Before you begin, you can go to the Settings tab in the Properties window and change the font color, type and size for the text annotation. See Edit Annotation Properties.

  1. Click Annotate View .

  2. Click in the main window where you want to insert the annotation.

    The system displays the Edit Annotation dialog box.

  3. Type the text that you want to show, and click OK. There is no limitation to the length of the text.

    The system displays the annotation at the selected location.

  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for each annotation that you want to place.

  • When you insert an annotation, a view is saved containing all the annotations added until the view is changed

  • If you change the view after you have placed one or more annotations, the annotations are no longer displayed until you return to the view containing them.

  • To remove annotations, click Undo .

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