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CADWorx Design Review

20.0 (2020)

Design Review animations can show movement as if you are walking through the model in the Main window, or they can show the model itself being moved. An animation is made up of saved views or frames that can be saved, opened, and revised. You can start, stop, forward- step, and reverse-step through each of the frames that make up the movements. You can play the animation as well as work with individual views.

Each saved view has a sequence number that defines its display order and the number of transitional (tween) frames that Design Review creates between each saved view. The number of tween frames defines the movement rate from one saved view to the next in the animation playback.

The animation paths are graphic objects that consist of a series of saved views or frames, which are represented by orientation axes. A path point shows the position and rotation of the model or camera view. You can edit points to change path.

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