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Defines the interfaces, properties, and mapped parameters for the new part class.


Select the Category that contains the interfaces to add to the part class. If the selected Category does not contain interfaces, nothing appears in the grid.

Interface Name

Select the interfaces to add to the part class. Interfaces required by the Classification that you selected on the General tab display grayed out. You cannot remove the required interfaces. All properties belonging to the interface are available in the corresponding Property Name box.

Property Name

Displays all properties for the new part class. After selecting an interface in the Interface Name box, all the properties for that interface display here. If, however, you know the name of the property, but not the parent interface, you can select the property name in the blank row. All interfaces that have that property are made available in the corresponding Interface Name box. Then, select the correct parent interface.

Parameter Name

Displays the parameters defined in the symbol (or the SmartAssembly) defined on the General tab. You need to map the symbol parameter name to the interface property that drives the parameter.


Removes the selected interface from the grid.