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  1. In the tree view, click Piping > Piping Specification > Piping Materials Classes.

  2. In the Piping Materials Classes branch, open a specification and click Piping Materials Class Rules > Pipe Bend Radius Multiplier Rule.

  3. Click Insert Row to insert a blank row in the grid view.

  4. In the NPD column, type the nominal pipe diameter for which you are defining a bend radius.

  5. In the NPD Unit Type column, type the units for the NPD. For example, type mm or in.

  6. In the Bend Radius Multiplier column, type the NPD multiplier to calculate the bend radius.

  7. In the Bend Radius column, type the bend radius for the NPD. Leave this column empty if you define a Bend Radius Multiplier.

  • For more information about each allowable pipe bend radius property that you can define, see Pipe Bend Radius Multiplier Rule.

  • The Pipe Bend Radii sheet in the Piping Material Class.xls workbook corresponds to the Pipe Bend Radius Multiplier Rule node in the Catalog task. For more information about the Piping workbooks delivered with the software, see Piping Reference Data.