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Sets options for adding a new value to an existing select list. The Add Select List Value dialog box only displays when you click Add Select List Value in a select list drop-down list. For example, in the editable grid where one of the columns requires a select list value, a combo box appears when you click in a cell in that column.

This feature allows you to add select list values in the grid while you are editing specification data.

Select list name

Displays the name of the select list to be extended. The value is read-only.

Long description

Type an extended description that identifies the select list value, not to exceed 256 characters. The long description appears on requisitions or other reports.

Short description

Type an abbreviated description that identifies the select list value, not to exceed 256 characters. The short description appears in the drop-down list when you select a select list value or when you see the select list value on the Property dialog box for an object in the model.

Select list number

Type an integer that uniquely identifies the select list value within the Catalog. Select list numbers must be unique within a select list. If you enter a value that is already used, an error message will appear. By default, the software displays the next available integer by 10. For example, if the last select list number used is 80, the box displays 90 by default.

Name and number of dependent select list

Displays a list of the possible parent select lists for the new value. The options in this list correspond to the options available in the column immediately to the left of the current select list. For example, if the current select list is Lining Material, the values in the drop-down list are Not Lined (1), Lined (10), and Undefined (-1), as shown in the following illustration:

If the current select list is not a hierarchical select list, this option is disabled.


Adds the new select list value to the appropriate database table and displays this value in the select list drop- down list in the editable grid.


Closes the dialog box without creating the value.