Publish PDS Models and Data - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Report Manager (PD_Report)


To publish your PDS data, you must first publish the data to the MDP database. Once the data is in the MDP database, you can publish it to your data warehouse.

  1. In the Project tree, check the type of project to publish.

  2. Select the models or drawings to publish.

  3. Click SmartPlant > Publish.

  4. Save the selection file.

    The SmartPlant Publish dialog box appears.

  5. In the Publishing options group, select from the following:

    • Add weld graphics - Adds weld graphics for review before publishing to SmartPlant Foundation.

    • Ignore model status range - Filters models that are published to SmartPlant Foundation based on the model status, for example, filtering temporary models to remove them from the publish.

    • Force model publish - Allows you to republish models when no changes have been made to the models. By default, models that have no changes are not published.

  6. In the When group, select Now to publish immediately.

  7. In the Username box, type the SmartPlant Foundation user name for logging into the SmartPlant Foundation server.

  8. In the Password box, type the password for the specified SmartPlant Foundation user name, if that user name has a password.

  9. Select a revision scheme for the revision in the Revision Scheme list.

    A revision scheme must be selected for new models or drawings being published. When you re-publish models or drawings, the revision schema initially selected is retained.

  10. Select a workflow to which you want to publish in the Workflow list.

  11. Click Publish.

    The data is processed as a scheduled job through SmartPlant Batch Services, then published to SmartPlant Foundation. You can set notifications to inform you when the batch process is complete. See Job Status Notification in the Batch Services User's Guide.