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Plant Design System (PDS) Report Manager (PD_Report)

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  1. From the authoring tool that you want to register, click SmartPlant > Register.

    • You must have administrator privileges to access this command.

    • In some authoring tools, you are required to click a Register button in a separate dialog box before you can proceed with the registration process. This dialog box appears after you click SmartPlant > Register.

  2. In the SmartPlant Foundation URL box of the Register dialog box, type the node name and virtual directory of the SmartPlant Foundation database to which you want to register your plant. Use the following format: http://[SPFServer]/[VirtualDirectory].

    • To register to a secure server, type https:// in your SmartPlant Foundation URL.

    • Replace [SPFServer] with the name of your SmartPlant Foundation Web server.

    • Replace [Virtual Directory] with the name of the virtual directory for the SmartPlant Foundation Web Client. By default, the virtual directory for the first instance of the Web Client that you install is SPFASP. However, if you install multiple instances of the Web Client to connect to multiple databases, the virtual directory name may be different.

  3. Enter your SmartPlant Foundation user name and password in the User name and Password boxes.

  4. From the Plant name list, select the plant with which you want to register your authoring tool.

  5. Click Finish.

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