Almost Precise and Precise Length Calculation / Bolt Reporting - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Report Manager (PD_Report)


The table used for bolt reporting is determined by the Length Calculation option on the Material Takeoff Options form in the Project Administrator. This option can be set to Almost Precise or Precise. The Almost Precise setting uses table G12 to determine bolt lengths, while the Precise setting uses table G12T. For more information on these tables, refer to the Table Formats section of the PDS Reference Data Manager (PD_Data) Reference Guide.

The system uses the Modifier attribute from the Commodity Item entity for the bolt to determine whether it is a stud bolt (0 or positive), or machine bolt (negative). The absolute value of the modifier, which ranges from 0 to 5, determines which of the bolt extension values will be used. If the modifier points to a column in the table containing bolt extensions that has a dash entry, no bolts are generated and an error is logged for that set of bolts.