Size Dependent and Independent Reporting - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Report Manager (PD_Report)


The Commodity Code option on the Material Takeoff Options form in the Project Administrator works in one of the following ways:

  • When the Commodity Code option is set to Size Dependent, the system provides two additional options which specify the Source of Implied Data and the Source of Material Description.

  • The default setting, Size Independent, uses the general commodity code from the Piping Commodity Specification Data Table (pdtable_202) for reporting implied data from the Piping Commodity Implied Material Data Table (pdtable_212).

    For ISOGEN material takeoff reporting, the first model in the piping area from which the model you are doing the extractions belongs, the Commodity Code options need to be set as described under the Size Dependent section in the System/System Commodity Code section. With any other settings, the ISOGEN MTO for Size Dependent Implied items does not work.

    In order to determine which model is the first model in the area, do a batch extraction with debug and verify On. A file is generated in the exported ISOFILES directory which will be called isoname.dat. The first item in the isoname.dat file is the first model file in the piping area.