Format Creation/Revision Form - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Report Manager (PD_Report)

3D Design and Visualization

When you choose Create, Copy, or Revise from the Report Format form, the Format Creation/Revision form is displayed.

This form creates or revises a record in the project control database; this record defines the location of a format file. The format file itself defines the contents and format of the report. Both the location specification and the format file must exist to report on PDS data.

  • Number A unique number of up to 24 characters. Specifies the short name in the project control database used to identify the record of the format file.

  • Description A description of up to 40 characters for the format file.

  • File Specification The file name of the format file to reference.

  • Path The disk location of the format file. This field retains the active setting.

  • Node The nodename of the system on which the format file is located. This field retains the active setting.

Before Using this Form

You must have created an ASCII format file. A set of basic format files is delivered with the PD_Report product in the ~\pdreport\sample directory. The file for MTO reporting is named piping_#.fmt. For a description of each of the delivered sample format files, see Report Format File.

Operating Sequence

  1. Select Create, Copy, or Revise.

    A list of available records displays for copy or revision. To create a database record, go to Step 3.

  2. Select Report Format

    From the displayed list, select the record to be copied or revised. Then click Accept.

    Key-in fields are displayed for you to specify the required database information.

  3. Specify Report Format Data

    Type information in each of the displayed fields, taking care to press return in each field. Then click Accept.

    The project control database is updated.