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Intergraph Smart Materials Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

In order to track dates and activities of the scope of work (SOW), you can enter information about SOW milestones.

  1. To define an overall milestone, enter the start date in the Start Work box.

  2. Optionally, enter activities in the Start Activity, Substantial Activity, and Final Activity boxes, and the corresponding dates in the Substantial Completion and Final Completion boxes.

  3. After saving, click Add Interim Milestone .

  4. Type a sequence number in the Seq box.

  5. Type the milestone description in the Interim Milestone box.

  6. Optionally, click Activity Code and select an activity code.

  7. Optionally, enter the scheduled date for the interim milestone in the Date box.

  8. Repeat the previous steps 3 to 7 to add more interim milestones.

  • To delete an interim milestone, select the milestone and click Delete Interim Milestone .

  • To delete the overall milestone with all assigned interim milestones, click Delete SOW Milestone .