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Intergraph Smart Materials Help (2016 R4)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)
  1. Click the Planning task on the dashboard, or select Planning from the Tasks list.

  2. Select a planning item in the tree.

    The planning item details appear on the right panel.

  3. Update the details as needed.

  4. Click Save.

  • The Linked to Requisition and Linked to Agreement check boxes indicate, if the planning item is linked to a requisition and/or agreement.

  • The progress appears in Progress 1 and Progress 2.

    For every requisition and tag number of the specified planning group, the weight factor 1 (or 2) for all finished milestones are added and the sum 1 (or 2) is then multiplied with the budget 1 (or 2) of the requisition or tagged item. After that, the results of all requisitions and tagged items are again summed up. Finally, this sum is set in relation to the budget 1 (or 2) of this planning group and the result displayed in the Progress 1 (or 2) field.