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Intergraph Smart Materials Help (2016)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)
  1. Click Add OSCI Job .

  2. In the Job Code box, type the job name.

  3. Select the import type in the Type box.

    The available job types are:

    OSCI - the job requires an XML file to insert or update companies, suppliers, and adjacent objects.

    CIP XML - uses the same logic as the OSCI type, but you define your own CIP procedures to load an XML file into M_OSCI_IMPORT_DATA. .

    For more information, see Open Supplier/Company Interface.

  4. Select Insert Data to enable the job to insert data.

  5. Select Update Data to enable the job to update data.

  6. If it is a CIP XML type job, select a CIP in the CIP Name box.

  7. If you want the job analyzing the XML file, select the Analyze check box.

  8. If you select the Save Imported Data check box, the imported data will be stored in Smart Materials after import execution.

  9. Optionally, type a comment on the job in the User Comment box.

  10. Click File Name , select a file and click Open, and click Upload to load the file into the database.

    The file name is displayed in the Import File box.

  11. If you want to import supplier properties, select Property Group and select a group.

  12. Click Save.

    To delete the selected job, click Delete OSCI Job .