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12.1 (2019)

The software provides several simple methods for utilizing existing elements. You can quickly move or copy an existing element or group of elements onto a drawing sheet. Moving or copying elements saves you time by eliminating the need to re-create information, as well as help you maintain accurate graphic data throughout a project.

Selecting Elements

You can select individual or multiple elements using the Select Tool on the Draw toolbar. When you click the Select Tool, the pointer changes to an arrow with a locate zone indicator at the end. As you move the pointer, any element that the locate zone passes over is displayed in the highlight color. When an element is highlighted you can click to select it.

You can select more than one element at a time by clicking the Select Tool and then holding the SHIFT or CTRL key as you click the elements you want to select. Or, you can click the Select Tool and then drag the mouse to fence elements.

You can also use a tool called QuickPick to select elements that overlap. To use it, hover the Select Tool pointer over the elements. When an ellipsis displays you can left-click or right-click to display the number of selectable elements. You can move the pointer over the numbers; when the element that you want highlights, you can click on the corresponding number to select it.

Moving Elements

The software provides several methods for moving elements. You can drag an element with the Select Tool or specify precision points with Move on the Change toolbar. You can also use PinPoint with the Select Tool to move an element a precise distance in X and Y relative to a known position on your drawing. For more information, see Move an Element with PinPoint and the Move Command.

Copying Elements

You can copy elements with one of many methods:

  • You can select an object and click Copy on the Main toolbar. The selected item is placed on the Clipboard. Then, when you click Paste on the Main toolbar, the item is placed on the drawing sheet. The element will not change from its original form.

  • You can copy one or more elements by clicking the Select Tool on the Draw toolbar. After the pointer changes to show that the element can be copied, hold the CTRL key and drag the copy to its new location.

  • In SmartSketch, formatting, such as line weight, line color, and line style, can be copied from selected objects and applied to other objects as they are selected using Format Painter on the Main toolbar.

  • You can make several copies of elements that are the same by selecting the element and clicking Rectangular Pattern or Circular Pattern on the Change toolbar.

  • You can also click Offset, Move, Scale, or Rotate on the Change toolbar to create copies.

Cutting and Deleting Elements

You can cut an element by clicking Cut on the Main toolbar. The element is placed on the Clipboard. You can then use Paste to place the element in the current document or into other documents.

If you do not Paste the element after cutting, it will be permanently removed from the document.

You can permanently remove an element by selecting the element and pressing Delete on your keyboard. You can also permanently remove an element by clicking Edit on the Main toolbar and then selecting Delete.

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