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j5 Event Manager Help


To add a new discrete tag to the Tag Watch List:

  1. Click Add . The Adding window opens.

    Adding window

  2. Enter the tag's details:

    • Tag - Enter a name for the tag. This name needs to be unique in the j5 Event Manager application. The name can remain unchanged even if the underlying data source or process tag name changes.

    • Variable Type - Select Discrete from the list.

    • Data Type - Select Integer or Text from the list.

    • Datasource - Select the tag's data source from the list.

    • Datasource Tag - Select the tag from the list.

    • Site, Section, Area, Unit - Select the operational area information for where the tag is positioned.

    • Monitoring Strategy - Choose how the data is retrieved.

      • Poll: This option retrieves a single value at each polling interval.

      • Query for Updates: This option retrieves all values since the last retrieval occurred.

      • Subscribe for Updated: This option receives values pushed to it by the data source and does not poll. This option may result in a high network usage, as the number of push events is determined by the data source. The number of entries with this option should be carefully considered and tested.

    • Target Polling Frequency - If you select Poll or Query for Updates, choose how frequently the data is retrieved.

  3. Enter a tag Description.

  4. If aggregate event information is required in another application, select the relevant application from the Target Form list.

  5. If a Target Form is selected, enter the Aggregate Period (minutes). This determines how long the events will be grouped together (one entry) in the target form. If there is another event after the aggregate period has expired, a new entry is created in the target form and the aggregate period is started again.

  6. Click Save

When you have configured and saved a discrete tag, a Discrete States tag appears. This tag is used to define the discrete states for the tag.

To add a discrete state:

  1. Select the Discrete States tab.

  2. Click Add . Enter a label for the state in the State Label box. This is displayed in the j5 Event Manager for that state.

  3. Enter a tag value in the Value box. This value must match the tag value options.

  4. Give the operator instructions in the Description and Correct Actions boxes for when an alarm is raised.

  5. In the Record State Change? column, select Yes if you would like events recorded when the tag is in this state.

  6. In the Is Alarm State? column, select Yes to flag this state as an alarm condition.

  7. Click Save

Continue until all the possible states for the tag are defined on the Detail tab.

Discrete States tab

When you have configured a discrete tag and its states, monitoring should be enabled. To enable monitoring:

  1. Select the Detail tab.

  2. Click Edit

  3. In the Monitoring Enabled? list, select Enabled.

  4. Click Save