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The Tag Watch List module can be configured to integrate with the Operations Logbook. This results in event information being automatically written to the Operations Logbook when events occur. These operations logbook entries appear in the shift reports ensuring clear documentation of the events.

The integration works as follows:

  • An event is detected for a specific tag by the Tag Watch List module.

  • An entry is created in the Operations Logbook which includes the summary information for the event (the tag and the limit violated or state entered), with the operations logbook category configured for the tag in the tag watch list.

  • The event's entry in the Tag Watch List is linked to the newly created operations logbook entry in the Events subform tab.

  • Subsequent events for this tag, within the configured aggregation period, are added to the existing operations logbook entry. The summary information is updated and the events are linked to the Events subform tab.

  • This protects the Operations Logbook from flooding with event information, in the case of a misconfigured tag or irregular process situations, while still recording all the event information and making it accessible to the user in the Events subform tab.

  • After the aggregation period has expired, a subsequent event will generate a new aggregate entry and the aggregation period is started again.

To enable the Operations Logbook integration for a tag, refer to the Add tags to the Tag Watch List section.

Example of an aggregate entry added to the Operations Logbook

Tag events recorded can be used to construct and update entries in your custom j5 applications. This is configured by the j5 services team.