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j5 Event Manager Help


All continuous datasource tags provide fluctuating data. As discussed, if a tag fluctuates over a defined limit, the j5 Event Manager triggers an event. If a tag fluctuates multiple times around a specific limit, it can result in many events being triggered when a single event would be sufficient.

No deadband configured

The Tag Watch List includes a Deadband feature. The deadband allows users to define the threshold within which the process levels can fluctuate without recording a change in state. The deadband value entered represents the width of the band on the inside (side closest to target) of the limit.

Deadband configured

When a tag is moving from a more serious to a less serious state, it must pass fully through the deadband before the state change is registered. For example, if the Standard High limit is set at 3500, and the Standard High Deadband is set to 100, then if the tag value decreases steadily from 3600 to 3000, it will only leave the Standard High state at 3400.

State changes