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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Tutorial

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation

In the previous exercise, you learned how to connect a single cable to a junction box. Now we will show you how to connect multiple device cables in batch mode. Let's connect all the remaining "single" cables to the same junction box.

  1. With the Connection – 101-JB-DCS-001, TS-1 window open, on the Actions menu, click Batch Connection to open the Batch Device Cable Connection window.

  2. In the Domain Explorer, select the Cables folder.

  3. Select Cable C-101-FT-102, hold down CTRL then scroll down the device cable list and select cables C-101-FY-100 and C-101-PT-201.

    You can include any other cables that you have.

  4. Drag the selected device cables from the Domain Explorer to the data window of Batch Device Cable Connections.

  5. For cable 101-FT- 102 in the Connection Type column, select 3 in a row.

  6. Click Yes if prompted to apply the connection type to all sets except for shields.

  7. Make sure that the following values appear in the Starting Terminal column.

    Device Cable

    Starting Terminal







    The window should now appear as shown (You can include any other cables that you have):

  8. Click Actions > Connect to connect the selected device cables in batch mode.

  9. Minimize the Batch Device Cable Connections window.

  10. In the Connection window, click on the module toolbar and observe that the tag number signals have been propagated to the right side of the terminals.

  11. In the Connection window, select the first wire on the left side of 101-FT-100 as shown.

  12. Click on the module toolbar to display the other side of the single cable.

    The data display changes as follows:

  13. Click again to return to the junction box connections.

  14. With the first wire on the left side of 101-FT-100 still selected, click to display the Point-to-Point Wiring Diagram.

  15. When prompted to preview the report, click Yes.

    If the diagram script is too small and hard to read, increase the font size or zoom the image as described in the following steps.

  16. To increase the font size:

    1. Click View > Font Size.

    2. Use the spinner to set the font size to 7 (seven).

    3. Click OK.

      Try experimenting with different font sizes to see which suits you best.

  17. To zoom the image:

    1. On the module toolbar, click .

    2. Click Custom, and in the adjacent field, type in 140%.

    3. Click OK.

      The image should appear similar to what is shown:

  18. Click to close the Point-to-Point Wiring Diagram.

  19. Click to close each Connection window.