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This request allows you to create a project under a chosen plant.

Use the POST method to create a project with the following input:

  • Service Root URI: https://<Server Name>/<IIS Application Name>/sem/v2

  • Resource path: /Sites('<Site Name>')/Plants('<Plant Name>')/Projects

Resource path strings are case-sensitive.

Sample URI


Sample JSON request


"Name": "P1",

"Description": "Description of project P1",

"PlantGroups" : ["7AD2A6F3C5EF48F18023B7276EB2192F", "3A7B706F5E1E4838B646C7AFD47B29E6"],

"Applications" : ["sppid", "spel"]


  • The plant group Id values can be obtained by running the View plant groups request and copying them from the response.

  • In this example, the plant groups consist of a single area (Area 1 with Id: "2AF526C34E524A318841D7B03A78F771") under which are two units (Unit 1 with Id: "7AD2A6F3C5EF48F18023B7276EB2192F" and Unit 2 with Id: "3A7B706F5E1E4838B646C7AFD47B29E6"). Only the IDs of the lowest level plant groups (the units) are defined for this scope. The Area's ID is returned automatically in the response (see below).

JSON request parameters



Description and Comments


IDs of the plant groups to be included in the scope

Select the IDs of the lowest level plant groups to be included in the scope, for example ["Unit 11 ID", "Unit 21 ID"].


"sppid", "spel"

Application(s) for which the project is to be created. Choose "sppid", "spel", or both (as shown in the above sample request).

Sample JSON response

Part of a typical response to this request is shown:

"Name": "P1",

"Description": "Description of project P1",

"PlantGroups": [

"2AF526C34E524A318841D7B03A78F771 - Area 1",

"7AD2A6F3C5EF48F18023B7276EB2192F - Unit 1",

"3A7B706F5E1E4838B646C7AFD47B29E6 - Unit 2"


"Applications": [



"Status": "Active", 


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