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This request allows you to load a plant into a chosen site.

  • Only plant packages created using the Smart API Copy plant request can be loaded. You cannot load a plant that was copied using the Desktop version of Smart Engineering Manager.

  • If the site into which you want to load the plant does not appear in the results when you run the request View sites, run the Import site request first.

Use the POST method to load a plant with the following input:

  • Service Root URI: https://<Server Name>/<IIS Application Name>/sem/V2

  • Resource path: Sites('<Site Name>')/Com.Ingr.Sem.V2.LoadPlant/

Resource path strings are case-sensitive.

Sample URI



Sample JSON request

You specify the parameters for the plant and associated applications to be loaded in the body of the request.

The plant parameters must match the platform on which the parent site was created:

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