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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Smart API Help (Version 2)

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This request allows you to exclude a site. Excluding a site does not delete it — after exclusion, the site will not appear in the results of the 'Get sites' request but will still be available in the Desktop version of the software, such as Smart Engineering Manager 2018.

To be able to view and work with an excluded site, you must first run the Import site request for that site.

Use the POST method to exclude a site with the following input:

  • Service Root URI: https://<Server Name>/<IIS Application Name>/sem/v2

  • Resource path: /Sites('<Site Name>')/Com.Ingr.Sem.v2.Exclude/

  • Resource path strings are case-sensitive.

  • The backslash at the end of the resource path is mandatory.

Sample URI



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