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Intergraph Smart PID Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart P&ID
Release Bulletin

Drawing Manager

  • A new option Print all selected drawings in a single document is now available in the Print dialog box. It prints all the selected drawings in a single document along with a legend. For more details, see Print Dialog Box.

P&ID Modeler/P&ID Engineering

  • A new command Show All Symbols is added to the Catalog Explorer that can be used to show or hide the symbols in a folder when the folder is selected in the tree view. For details, see Navigating in Catalog Explorer.

  • Two new properties - Commissioning System and Commissioning Subsystem, are added to OOTB plant which are mapped to System and Sub System values in Smart Completions. For details, see Integration with Smart Completions.

P&ID Modeler/P&ID Engineering/Drawing Manager

  • When a drawing is used by multiple projects, the new Show Overlapping feature allows to check graphical changes of your project with other projects to avoid overlapping of objects. For details, see Viewing Overlapping Drawings.

  • The new feature Create Auto Display Set automatically creates a display set for the plant or a drawing along with auto filters. For details, see Create Auto Display Set Command

  • In Apply Display Set dialog box, Legend Box check box is added. Selecting this checkbox displays a legend of the filters of a display set applied on a drawing and prints the legend when the drawing is printed. Refer to Display Set Legend for more details.

Options Manager

  • A new command Generate Symbol Images is added that generates images for all the symbols enabling the Catalog Explorer to display images of all the symbols in a plant. For details, see Generating Symbol Images.

Save As

  • The Save As option now allows to save a drawing in AutoCAD 2018 file format.