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Scenario: While supervising the job-site, you noticed that a HVAC equipment has been installed incorrectly. If not addressed, this can lead to a fire hazard. You need to get this issue resolved.

  1. On the bottom bar, choose Work packages .

  2. Search and select [Work Package 1].

  3. Open the [Installation] work step.

  4. On the top-right corner of the page, tap on New Issue .

  5. Tap on General and enter the following details:

    Issue Type: Quality

    Subject: Faulty installation of AC unit.

    Description: Faulty installation of AC unit.

    Trade: Electrical

    Priority: High

  6. For Due Date, select a date by when you need the latest blueprint to be attached to the work package.

Attach the document

  1. Tap on ADD FILES.

  2. Tap on Take a Photo.

  3. Take a photo of the AC unit.

  4. Type a name for the image. For example, type Terrace_AC_Unit_Issue.jpg.

  5. Tap ATTACH.

What's next?

You need to assign this issue to the tradesman and also assign yourself as the issue owner, so that you can review and close the issue if it is resolved.

Assign the issue to concerned person

  1. Tap ASSIGN and then tap the checkbox next to Tradesman username.

  2. On the top-right corner, tap Done.

    You have successfully assigned this issue to Tradesman. You need to make yourself the owner of this issue so that you can close it after the tradesman fixes it.

  3. Tap ADD ISSUE OWNER and tap on your username.

  4. On the top-right corner, tap Done.

  5. Verify the issue details and then tap CREATE.

    You have successfully created the issue and routed it to the concerned person. You have also made yourself the owner of the issue.