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HxGN Smart Build

After defining the rule set, you must analyse the mappings and then review them. This way you can avoid incorrect mappings.

Analysing mappings

  1. Go to RULE DEFINITION tab.

  2. Select the mapping type and the rule set.

  3. From the rule set, choose a rule and click ANALYSE.

    You can only analyse one rule at a time.

    It might take some time to map the properties. While the rule is under analysis, you can go back to RULE DEFINITION tab and continue creating new rules or modify another rule.

  4. When the analysis is complete, you should see the mapping suggestions.

Reviewing and approving the mappings

  1. On the REVIEW tab, review the mapping suggestions.

    You can see the orphan items list on the REVIEW tab. These items are left-overs from the mapping analysis. If necessary, refine the rules so that the orphan items are also mapped.

  2. Click APPROVE and then click FINISH.

    With this step, the rule analysis is complete. You can start analysing another rule.