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HxGN Smart Build

When you use the TruView feature in Smart Build, you use the model to find job site scans you want to look at. Each scan is marked with a yellow triangle.

  1. Zoom to the part of the model that you want to view job site scans for.

  2. On the TruView panel, click the SITE LIST tab, and click a scan site to see the list of scans.

    Don't see any scans in the list?

    If you haven't done so already, you have to retrieve job site scans into Smart Build.

    If you still don't see the scans you think you should see, you might not have the permission to see them. Your permissions in TruView determine which job site scans you can see.

    Yellow triangles appear in the model, each representing a scan site.

    Click the scan site again to close it and hide its site markers on the model.

  3. In the model, double-click a yellow triangle to open the scan made from that point.

    If you combined 3D model elements and TruView scans into one image, the scan shows 3D model components.

    Want some help moving around the scan?

    If you want to

    Do this

    Zoom in or out on part of a scan.

    Use the scroll wheel on a mouse

    Use the pinch and spread gestures on a touch device

    Move around in the scan.

    Click or tap anywhere in the scan, hold and drag

    Look at another scan, captured from that spot.

    Click or tap one of the yellow triangles in the scan

    Change how the image moves when you click or tap, hold, then drag.

    • Touch mode - the image moves like using your finger to slide a piece of paper around on a desk.

    • Mouse mode - the image moves continuously in the direction you move the pointer, like watching the scenery go by from a car window. The farther you move the pointer from where you started, the faster the image moves.

    Click or tap Touch mode or Mouse mode

    Close the scan and return to the 3D model.

    Click or tap Close

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