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Scenario: A new member has joined your project and the person should be able to start working on your Smart Build application. You want to create a user account for that person in the Smart build application.

If your company uses Intergraph Smart® Cloud to manage Smart Build users, your process will be different that what you see here. To learn more, see Managing Estate Users in the Smart Build help.

  1. Log in to Smart Build web application with your credentials.

  2. Make sure you are logged on to Training Project.

  3. On the left bar, click Administrator Settings > Users.

  4. Click Add on the Users page.

  5. Select the following details:

    • Authentication Provider - Your company's authentication providing application

    • Company - The name of your company

    • User Language - The default language you want to use and see on the pages of Smart Build

      You must also enter all the other required fields (User name, first and last name, password, etc.) after selecting the authentication provider. The options you see might vary from one provider to another.

    • Check the Active check-box.