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HxGN Smart Build
  1. From the work breakdown structure, select a work package and click options > Manage Dependencies.

  2. Set the predecessor or successor for the selected work package.

    • To set a predecessor, click ADD PREDECESSOR in the Predecessors section.

    • To set a successor, click ADD SUCCESSOR in the Successor section.

  3. In the corresponding grid, click the Select a Work Package cell.

  4. Browse and select a work package from the list.

  5. Click ADD.

  6. Specify relationship, lag/lead and units.

    • If you want to specify lead duration, type a negative value for Lag, for example -10.

    • You can add multiple predecessors or successors to a work package. To add more dependencies, click Add in the corresponding section.

  7. Click SAVE.

  8. On the Planning pane, click options > Update Schedule to update the Gantt chart.

Define work package execution order directly from the Gantt chart

You must have necessary access permissions to set or modify the work package execution order.

  1. In the Gantt chart, locate the plan bars corresponding to the work packages.

  2. Hold the mouse pointer on the plan bar.

    Two connector dots appear for the bar. The connector dots are not visible if you do not have permission to link the work packages.

  3. Drag a connector to another plan bar to link the work packages.

    The software links the work packages and displays a connecting arrow that indicates the predecessor to successor relation.

    Show me how

To delete the relation, click the connecting arrow and press Delete.

How can I modify a work package dependency?

  1. Select the work package and click options > Manage Dependencies.

  2. Modify the relationship, lag/lead and unit details of the required dependant work package.

How can I delete a work package dependency?

  1. Select the work package and click options > Manage Dependencies.

  2. Select the dependent work package that you want to delete.

  3. Click .

You can also select the corresponding connecting arrow in the Gantt chart, and then press Delete to delete the dependency.