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When you upload a document to store and manage with Smart Build:

  • The document lives in Smart Build.

  • People can only open the file if they have access to it in Smart Build.

  • Changes made to the document in Smart Build do not appear in the original document you uploaded, and vice-versa. The two are not linked.

When you add a link to a document that is stored and managed somewhere else:

  • The document lives outside of Smart Build, such as in a SharePoint or Box.com site.

  • People who have access to Smart Build can use the link to open the document, but cannot edit it.

  • Anyone who can access the site where the document is stored can open it from there, and if they have permissions they can also edit it.

  • When a Smart Build user clicks the link for the document, the latest copy opens in the browser. There is only one document.

For more help, see Documents and hyperlinks.