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HxGN Smart Build Help

HxGN Smart Build

Filter based on a certain category

  1. Click Schedule Management > Planning or Visualization.

  2. Click Filternext to the search bar.

  3. From the Filter window, choose one or more of the following options, based on the information you have:

    To find work packages that

    Do this

    Are in a certain status

    Choose Status.

    Only work packages with the status you choose, appear in the list.

    If you want to know what a status means, see My Work Packages.

    Belong to a certain discipline

    Choose Discipline.

    Select the required discipline. For example: Electrical, Architecture, or Structure.

    Are a part of a parent WBS

    Choose WBS.

    Select a WBS, or further expand the parent WBS and select specific child WBS items to further filter the work packages you want to see.

    Were planned to start or end at a certain time (planned start date and planned end date)

    Choose Dates.

    Select the date ranges (This week, Next week, This month, and Next month) for planned start date and planned end date from the respective drop-down lists. You can also select Custom and enter a specific custom date range.

    Are assigned to a person

    Choose Users.

    Select one or more persons from the list, whose work packages you want to see.

    If you do not see a user in the list, it might mean that the person is not assigned to any of the work package that you are assigned to.

    Have a specific purpose of creation

    Choose Purpose and select one or more categories of purposes.

  4. After selecting each category, click to go back to the Filter window.

  5. Click APPLY.

  • To clear any filter that you have selected, select CLEAR within the filter window.

  • To clear all the filters that were applied, click and then choose CLEAR ALL.

Search a work package based on the name

  1. Click Schedule Management > Planning or Visualization.

  2. Click Search and type all or part of the work package name.

    Only work packages with names that contain what you typed appear in the list.