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Scenario: Due to your project requirements, you need minor modifications to your default project calendar: Work week has been decided as Monday to Saturday and an additional working hour from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM has been added . You must update your project calendar accordingly.

  1. On the left bar, click Calendars .

  2. Click PROJECT tab and ensure that you are seeing Training Project in the Project Name.

    By default, a global calendar is provided with HxGN Smart Build application. For minor changes, you can duplicate or copy the default calendar.

  3. Click Copy adjacent to the project name.

  4. Select Global and then select Hexagon PPM Calendar US.

  5. In the Name box. enter Training Project Calendar.

  6. Click COPY.

    You can now see the newly added calendar below the default calendar.

Edit or Update the calendar

  1. Select the Training Project Calendar click Options > Edit.

  2. Make the following changes:

    • Description : Training Project Calendar

    • Work Week: Start Day - Monday , End Day - Saturday

    • Work Timings: Select From: 5:00PM TO: 6:00, and then click

  3. Click UPDATE.