Dates, times, or numbers do not appear in the format I expect - HxGN Smart Build - Version 3.0 U4 (3.0.4) - Help - Hexagon PPM

HxGN Smart Build Help

HxGN Smart Build

Like most browser-based applications, HxGN Smart Build formats dates, times, and numbers based on the language, or locale, settings for your browser. However, not every locale is supported.

If the formats are not what you expect:

  • First, check your browser setting. How you do that depends on your browser, but its usually in a settings area.

    For example, in Chrome, choose Menu > Settings, then go to the Advanced > Languages section.

  • If the language setting is correct, then it means Smart Build does not support that locale. Your Smart Build administrator can request support for another language by contacting customer support.