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SmartPlant Foundation Web Client Help

SmartPlant Foundation
2019 (10.0)

Web Client supports the localization of the client user interface into different languages. The strings used for the display of each language in the user interface are stored in a JSON file in the Web Client site directory.

To create a new language JSON file:

  1. Locate the English language en.json file. For example, located at: C:\SmartPlant Foundation Server Files\SPFWebClient_Sites\[Site Name]\content\lang\core.

  2. Copy the en.json file, and save to another folder.

  3. Rename the copied en.json file to match the new language being translated. For example, if you are translating to Chinese, rename the file to zh.json.

  4. Open the zh.json file, and translate the Web Client strings into the new language. For example, edit using Notepad ++.

  5. Save the new language zh.json file to the same location as the existing en.json file.

    A browser setup for the Chinese language now reads the zh.json file and displays the translated strings in Web Client.