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SmartPlant Foundation
2019 (10.0)

List Edit requires no configuration to enable it to be used for specific objects and their related data types. However, other object types must be configured for use in List Edit.

  • For more information on configuring object column set items for use in List Edit, see Manage column items for edit.

  • Column items can contain picklists, enum lists, dates, UoMs and so on, and can be configured with dependencies so that the display of one type is dependent on the other.

  • Mandatory and read-only columns, such as the Creation Date, are delivered editable by default and must be configured to be not editable.

  • Related objects can be edited in List Edit by configuring the ListEditUncontrolledItems client API, which uses a list edit method to expand an edge or relationship definition to a set of target objects. For more information, see ListEditUncontrolledItems client API and its delivered methods.