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Asset Information Management
SmartPlant Foundation
2019 (10.0)

The Actions menu displays a list of shortcuts to functions specific to the selected object.

  • Select one or more objects in the Results table, and select Actions .

  • The number of objects selected is displayed in the Actions sidebar and at the top of the Actions menu.

  • If you select multiple objects, the actions available only apply to the objects selected.

  • You can also open the Actions menu from the central node on the Info Map and from an object's hotspot bubble in an opened file.

How can I open action results in a new tab?

Select Open in new tab to open the results in a new browser tab.

Logging out in one tab automatically logs you out in all other open tabs. You will lose any unsaved changes.

The following actions are configured to display as icons on the Actions menu.




Add to Pinboard

Adds the selected object to the Pinboard.

Show Info Map

Displays the selected object's relationships as clear, organized user-focused information.

Show the detail form

Displays the Object Details form showing the current value of the object's properties.

Show inbox for object

Displays the To Do List task items for the selected object.

View workflow

Displays the Workflow Viewer, which shows the current status and position of the object in the attached workflow.

Share Data URL

Displays the object's URL address, which can be sent to anyone you are collaborating with.

View files

Displays any files attached to the selected object in View and Markup.

The display of icons is dependent on the type of object selected and your system configuration. For more information on configuring other actions to appear as icons, see Display a method icon on the Actions menu.