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SmartPlant Foundation
2019 (10.0)

You configure the mapping for importing plant or project data using Data Validator. Data Validator imports files in CSV format into the staging system where the validation takes place. Data Validator uses import definitions to map the column headers in the input CSV file to the correct column headers for objects, properties, and relationships in the staging area. The import mapping not only uses the physical column headers that already exist in the input data file, but it also supports other column headers that are computed or provided by the user during the import process. Data Validator validates the quality of the incoming data in the supplied files before they are loaded into the system.

You also configure data using the CreateClassObjAndLoad client API, which is used to create classified objects and provide the capability to upload files into the Data Validator workflow using a CSV control file. For more information, see CreateClassObjAndLoad client API and its delivered methods.

For more information on import mappings and validation, see Define import mapping.