Specify settings for the ZI_MOBCOMP project default - Intergraph Smart Materials - Version 2017 (2.2.0) - Configuration - Hexagon PPM

Intergraph Smart Materials Mobile Companion Configuration 2017 (2.2)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Administration & Configuration

You can use the ZI_MOBCOMP project default to define the name of the company that is displayed in the header of some app reports. This is a free text box, that is, the string you assign to this project default appears in the reports exactly as entered here.

Sign in to Smart Materials, open the A.20.12 Project Defaults screen, select the Integrator tab, query for the ZI_MOBCOMP project default, type the company name in the Value box, and save. For more information about project defaults, see Smart Materials Project Defaults .

The picture below shows the example of the EXPEDITING VISIT report, where Acme Engineering Pty Ltd is assigned to the ZI_MOBCOMP project default.