Configuration in Smart Materials - Intergraph Smart Materials - Version 2017 (2.2.0) - Configuration - Hexagon PPM

Intergraph Smart Materials Mobile Companion Configuration 2017 (2.2)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Administration & Configuration

The following configuration in Smart Materials is required to support the app on mobile devices:

  1. Assign a value to the ZI_MOB_APP project default to specify which projects can use the app on mobile devices.

  2. Assign a value to the ZI_MOB_RM project default to set the default checking of routing methods for downloading POs to the app.

  3. Assign a value to the ZI_MOBCOMP project default to define the company name to display in the header of some app reports.

  4. Assign user access to the app for Smart Materials users

  5. Define values for the SMMOBILE interface.

  6. Define values for the SMMOB_EXP interface.

  7. Create attribute sets to be used in Expediting in the app.