Other Settings for Expediting Visit (optional) - Intergraph Smart Materials - Version 2017 (2.2.0) - Configuration - Hexagon PPM

Intergraph Smart Materials Mobile Companion Configuration 2017 (2.2)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Administration & Configuration

The following three settings are optional:

  • PERSONSMET – Persons met by the shop expediter on the visit (supplier contacts).

  • SUB_SUPPL – Name of the major sub-supplier for the contract.

  • SUB_SUP_LN – Location of the major sub-supplier.

These settings refer to additional boxes that are updated in the Expediting Visit Report in the app. You should preferably create attributes for the settings in the project and optionally add these to the Expediting Events screen P.70.73. The values of the attributes are updated by the app.

It is optional though recommended to add these attributes to a screen configuration for Expediting Events. They appear in the pdf version of the Expediting Visit Report anyway, and this is updated in the Document Code box as shown below.