Security Settings for Mobile Companion - Intergraph Smart Materials - Version 2017 (2.2.0) - Configuration - Hexagon PPM

Intergraph Smart Materials Mobile Companion Configuration 2017 (2.2)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Administration & Configuration

The following settings must be defined as follows:

LIC_EXPIRY – This defines the number of days without any user login to the app before the app license is cancelled on a device. Installed default value is 45 (days). If a user has the app installed on a device but does not login to the app for this specified number of days, then the next time they try to login to the app they will receive a message saying that the license has expired. If the company administrator has not actually deleted or reallocated that license to another device, then the user can reinstall the original license again, otherwise needs to get a new app license.

LIMIT_TIME – Time Limit to Connect to Server

Installed default value is 3. This defines the number of minutes before the app will timeout when connecting to the Smart Materials database to run a sync. On fast connections to the webserver/database server this value can be set to 1 but on slow connections (e.g. from a country with slow Internet to the server in another country) then it could be up to 5 (minutes). 3 should be a reasonable starting value.

SECURE_ENH – Values are Y or N – the installed default is "N" meaning No. This setting defines an enhanced level of security in the app. Currently if this is set to "Y" then the following additional things are affected (more items will be added to this list in future depending on requests) – Enhanced Security:

  • After failing to login to the app with 5 attempts, then the License is cancelled and a new one will need to be requested from the company administrator.

  • When exporting reports from the app, the options are limited to only the main email app on the device. Without "Enhanced Security" the options include all email apps and all cloud apps installed on the device.

SECURE_PER –Security Period defines the number of days before the app PIN needs to be changed by the user. Installed default is 0. A setting of 0 means that the app will not prompt the user to change the PIN. A setting of 30 means the user will be prompted to change the PIN every 30 days.

SECURE_TO –This defines the number of minutes of inactivity in the app before a user is automatically logged out. Installed default is 60 (minutes). Note that this defines "user activity" not background activity. For example, a user may tap the button to run a full Sync in the app and then press the home button on the device to run another apps such as email. The Sync will continue to run in the background until it is complete. If the timeout was set to say 2 minutes and the sync took longer than that then the sync would be terminated without completing. This means the setting should be longer than the longest Sync and probably more than 30 minutes. 60 is recommended if not set to 0.