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Intergraph Smart 3D Isogen Isometric Drawings

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Intergraph Smart 3D
2019 (10.0)

The following steps explain how to configure the isometric drawing frame so that a specific pipeline attribute is output as a barcode.

  • Barcode fonts are not delivered with the software. This workflow assumes that you are using your own barcode font and that it is installed on your computer. For information about where to purchase or download barcode fonts, please contact Intergraph Support. For information about how to install a new font, refer to your Windows product documentation.

  • If the barcode font that you are using is not defined in the Isogen Font Information File, you must first define it as a dynamic font. For more information, see Define a dynamic font for isometric drawing extraction.

  1. On the Home screen, select Attribute Display in the Drawing Border category tile.

    The software switches to the Configuration View and displays the Attribute Display panel.

  2. Expand Definitions, and then click Show to open the Definitions collection data grid.

  3. Specify the drawing frame attribute to output as a barcode and the barcode font to use, and then type the number that corresponds to the appropriate barcode standard. In the example, the BATCH attribute is configured to output using Bar Code 39.

    Several barcode standards exist to suit different industries. However, Isogen is standardized on three only:

  • Barcode 39 (1)

  • Barcode 25 (2)

  • Barcode 25 interleave (3)

    For more information, see Attribute Display in the Isometric Drawing Options Reference Help.

  1. Click to update the isometric style file with the new property settings.

  2. Use the Drawing Preview panel to review your changes.

  3. If you are using ISOGEN Configuration for Smart 3D, close ISOGEN Configuration. In Drawings and Reports, use the Update Now or Batch > Update commands to update the drawing.


    In I-Configure, generate the drawing. The AREA attribute displays as a barcode on the isometric drawing when you generate the drawing.


    In Isogen, BATCH and AREA are the same attribute.