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2019 (10.0)

Using the Smart 3D.Label Mapping.General.Attribute Map and Drawing Border.Attribute Display.Definitions options, you can specify the content and placement of drawing frame attributes on isometric drawings. Drawing frame text can include revision control information, process conditions, and miscellaneous design or specification notes, placed in the isometric drawing border or title block area. For more information on drawing frame options, see Drawing Border.

To specify this text, you first map Isogen attributes with user-specified text strings. You will use the text strings during the remainder of the attribute definition process. Then, you specify the size and position of the attribute text in the Drawing Border.Attribute Display.Definitions.Attributes collection.

For example, you can map the Isogen attributes DRG and DESCRIPTION with the strings Drawing Number and Description, respectively. When Isogen processes the Piping Component File (PCF) content given below, the values "CW-PipeRun1" and "Chillwater Drawing" are inserted into the title block accordingly.

DRG CW-PipeRun1

DESCRIPTION Chillwater Drawing

You can also use labels to specify drawing frame text. The Smart 3D.Labe Mapping.Attributes.Drawing Frame Attributes options enable you to map Isogen attributes to label definitions in the catalog.

  1. Navigate to Smart 3D.Label Mapping.General.Attribute Map.

  2. Click Show to display the Attribute Map properties grid.

    • Type a meaningful text string in the Display Name column. You will use this text string in the Drawing Border style category.

    • Select corresponding Isogen attribute in the Attribute column.

  3. Navigate to Drawing Border.Attribute Display.Definitions.Attributes.

  4. List all of the attributes along with their corresponding locations and text sizes. Use the Display Name strings that you typed in the Attribute Map grid.

  5. To use a label for drawing frame text, add an Isogen attribute to the Drawing Border.Attribute Display.Definitions.Attributes collection, and then map it to a label name and message enclosure.

  • When editing the Drawing Border.Attribute Display.Definitions.Attributes collection, do not remove Pipeline Reference from the Attribute list.

  • Sample labels for drawing frame text on isometric drawings include a pipeline reference label and current date label. The templates for these labels are located in the [Product Folder]\CatalogData\Symbols\Labels\Base Templates folder.

  • Another example of drawing frame customization is removing the north arrow. For more information, see Edit the North arrow on isometric drawings.

  • You can customize the mapping of Isogen attributes ATTRIBUTE11 through ATTRIBUTE199. ATTRIBUTE1 through ATTRIBUTE10 are reserved by Intergraph. We recommend that you start adding your own attributes beginning with ATTRIBUTE21.