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The delivered drawing types are drawing templates that include drawing borders, documentation annotation, note areas, and selection and resymbolization criteria.

Several drawing types are delivered and fully designed to meet particular drawing requirements. You can use the delivered types to create new drawing types and to modify the view styles or border templates as needed. You can copy a template from an existing drawing or you can copy volumes only, allowing you to create multiple drawings with the same border graphics. To copy a drawing type component, select the item on the Management Console hierarchy, and then select Copy. To paste the item, right-click a location in the hierarchy or in the Detail View and select Paste.

All the delivered drawing types provide customizable templates and view styles. The delivered Equipment Plan drawing type is provided as an example below:

  • The Equipment Plan is a single view drawing plan. It includes the location of equipment, structural columns, building walls, equipment steel, vessel and mechanical steel, and roads.

  • The Equipment Plan includes general information for coordinate systems, sheet scales, and modifications. The drawing border provides the border graphics, title block graphics, and the title block labels.

The document annotation includes the following:

  • North Arrow - Indicates the orientation of the model. The large symbol is used, which is typical for single view drawings. The north arrow is placed on each drawing view. Click and drag the symbol to position it within the Note Area if required.

  • Key Plan - Shows the geographic position of the single grid relative to the rest of the grids of the same type in the single block.

  • Drawing Notes - Shows the collection of notes, which consists of general notes applicable to all drawings, notes applicable to a discipline, notes applicable to a category of drawings, and notes specific to a single drawing (such as an element or a border report).

Note Area

The Note Area is used to display drawing notes and key plans. The note area on the Equipment Plan is five inches on the right-hand side of the drawing border. This area extends from the top of the border down to the top of the title area border. The Note Area is optional, and is not a required element in the template.

View Regions

The View Region defines the drawing view arrangements. The Equipment Plan defaults to a single view with a five-inch Note Area and one-inch margins around the drawing view.

Drawing View

The Equipment Plan is a single view plan. The following specifications are set:

  • Direction - Set to Plan view (Looking Plan).

  • Rotation - Depends on the volume type and the Coordinate System defined, based on the grid section's X and Y size. For example, a volume placed by four points in the Space Management task will rotate the view.

  • Scale - Set to 1/4" = 1' or 1 = 50.

  • North Arrow - One symbol included per drawing view. Click and drag the symbol to the Note Area.

  • Annotation - The plan uses matchline labels to indicate the appropriate coordinate of that segment of the grid boundary along with continuations. The matchlines are lines that outline the boundaries of a grid by following the exterior boundaries of the collection of sectioning elements defining the grid represented in the view.

  • Drawing Volumes - The drawing volume is the queried 3D volume in the model.

View Styles

The view style specifies the object filters included in the drawing if present in the queried 3D volume. It specifies how objects are displayed, including graphical representation, labeling, and dimensioning. In the Equipment Plan, the volume and composed drawing view style definitions are the same.

Title Blocks

The title block generally displays at the bottom of a drawing template. The title block can include signatures, revision and issue information, and other properties associated with the drawing.

You can add drawing properties to the title block using the Place Drawing Property Label command when editing a template.

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