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Intergraph Smart 3D Isogen Isometric Drawings

3D Design and Visualization
Intergraph Smart 3D
2019 (10.0)

Updates the contents for the selected drawing, report, key plan, snapshot, or detail/section view. This command is available for composed drawing views only. Right-click a selected view and select Update View on the shortcut menu. The view contents update against the current 3D model. When working with the Update View command:

  • If the software encounters a problem before or during the drawing update, it stops updating, displays either an error status or error message, and saves the errors to the log file. For more information, see Conditional Drawing Update in the Orthographic Drawings User's Guide.

  • You cannot multi-select views. The command is not available on the shortcut menu if more than one view is selected.

  • The inputs for the view (the associated volume or drawing view) must be defined and valid.

  • If a report is defined as part of a drawing view definition, the Update View command is not available.

  • If the drawing document is read-only, the Update View command is not available.

  • To remove associated inputs from a view, use the Remove Associated Inputs command. For more information, see Remove Associated Inputs Command. To associate a view to a volume or another drawing view, use the Associate Objects to View command. For more information, see Associate Objects to View Command.

  • For composed drawings, views that are too small to display the volume are automatically sized larger on update to fit unless the view is set to Fit to Scale or is managed by a region. Likewise, views that are larger than the volume are automatically resized to fit unless the view is set to Fit to Scale or is managed by a region. The view size grows or shrinks from the center of the view and view proportions may change after the resize. The drawing must be saved to make the resize of the view permanent. For more information, see Automatic Resize Behavior of Composed Views.

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