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When you select multiple objects, you can change the properties that those objects have in common. If the value of the property is the same for the objects that you have selected, that value displays in the ribbon bar. If the values are different, the box for that value is blank. Changing the value of a property makes that the value for all of the selected objects.

User Answers

Select a template process type from the list. This list is the same as the Process list on the Template ribbon.


Displays the parameters for the process that you have selected.


You can modify the parameter values if necessary.


If the value of the parameter is rule-based, a check box displays. You can clear the check box and then select a different parameter value if necessary.

Catalog Value

Displays the original catalog value for the process if you modified the value.

Min Height

Specifies the minimum height of the base plane from the end cut. Available options include:

  • Fixed

  • Height_50

  • Height_100

  • Height_150

  • Height_200

Max Height

Specifies the maximum height of the base plane from the end cut.


Specifies the extension to apply on the bottom line. Available options include:

  • ExtnRad90

  • ExtnLinear100

  • ExtnAlongEdge50

  • Ignore


Specifies the side on which the template set is applied.

  • Outer

  • Inner


Specifies the tube end on which the template set is applied. Available options include:

  • Base

  • Offset


Specifies the template type based on the base control line position. Template types include:

  • ShortDistance BCL

  • LongDistanceBCL

  • ModelOrigin

  • Global X Max

  • Global X Min

  • Global Y Max

  • Global Y Min

  • Global Z Max

  • Global Z Min

Base Plane

Specifies the base plane option. Base plane options include:

  • BySystem

  • NormalToAxis

  • Global

  • User defined

Template Service

Specifies the rule that computes the base plane, base control line, and template contours.


Specifies the rule the returns any user-defined values.


Specifies the rule the computes the template name.


Specifies the rule the computes the bevel.

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