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Intergraph Smart 3D Structural Manufacturing

Intergraph Smart 3D

Displays the controls used to create a manufacturing panel.


Opens the Manufacturing Panel Properties dialog box to view and modify the panel properties, which include process and marking properties. For more information, see Manufacturing Panel Properties Dialog Box.

Select an Assembly or Block

Specifies the assembly containing the panel to manufacture. Select the assembly from the Assembly tab of the Workspace Explorer.

Select Plate Parts

Specifies the plates to include in the manufacturing panel. Select the plates in a graphic view or in the Workspace Explorer.


Creates the manufacturing panel using the parameters that you have defined.

Panel Plate List

Opens the Panel Plate List dialog box to review and define the plates included in the panel. For more information, see Panel Plate List Dialog Box. This option is not available when you are modifying an existing panel.


Clears all selected plates.


Accepts all selected plates for inclusion in the manufacturing panel.

Process List

Selects a panel process set from the list. A process is a rule-based geometrical definition of a manufacturing panel based on particular manufacturing information. For example, adding a margin to a plate edge is a process.

Marking List

Selects a marking set from the list. A marking set is a group of rule-based marking line types that can be applied. For example, structural location marking lines, reference marking lines, and roll lines can be grouped together and applied.