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Displays options for editing contours.

Trim Contour

Trims open and closed elements to the closest intersection in both directions. To trim one element at a time, click each element that you want to trim. To trim more than one element at the same time, drag the pointer over the element segments that you want trimmed. When you release the mouse button, all the elements that are touched by the mouse path are trimmed.

Close Corner Contour

Connects the end points of two objects. The new intersection point is the mid-point between the two end points before the command is started. It is not possible to close more than one corner contour at a time.

Split Contour

Splits the selected contour object.

You must select at least one object to be split before starting this command.

After you start this command, the software prompts you to select objects to do the splitting. You can select an individual object, or drag the pointer over multiple objects. The attributes on the original objects that you split are inherited by all of the new child objects. It is not possible to split an object by itself.

Extend Contour

Extends open objects to the nearest intersection point starting from the nearest end of the object that you select. If there are no objects within the extension path of the object, then the extend command does not work for that object. To extend one element at a time, click the element that you want to extend nearest to the end point you want extended.

Change to Marking

Deletes the attributes from all selected contour objects, and adds a default set of marking attributes to those objects. This command gives a default set of marking attributes to all of the selected objects that lack attributes and that are not located on the text or symbol layers. This command deletes any contour symbols associated with the selected objects. Every object changed to a marking object is placed on the marking layer. The displayed ribbon switches from the Contours ribbon to the Markings ribbon.

Feature Zoom

Automatically zooms to each feature on the part. Click the command again to automatically zoom to the next feature on the part if there is more than one feature. If the part has many features, then clicking the command sequentially and automatically zooms to each of the features. When all the features have been displayed, the command returns to the first feature and continues.